Technical Assistance - Green Building

Two contracts are in place to provide professional consulting services for LEED consulting and documentation, energy modeling, building commissioning, architectural and engineering design, engineering peer review, post occupancy evaluation, cost estimating, monitoring and verification, and more.  SF Environment is committed to providing the following services for municipal buildings. Contact Mark Palmer for details.

LEED Accredited Staff (City-wide): There are 124 LEED Accredited Professionals in 12 City Departments.  Professional accreditation and credential maintenance is critical to staying current with the LEED Rating System and green building industry trends.  Every City design team must include at least one LEED Accredited Professional.

SFPUC Design Review:

 Energy Efficiency: The SFPUC Power Enterprise offers energy efficiency design review services for City projects. Please contact John Doyle at (415) 554-1541 or

Renewable Energy: The SFPUC Power Enterprise offers design review services for renewable energy systems on City projects. Please contact Lori Mitchell at (415) 554-3293 or

Water Conservation: The SFPUC Water Conservation Division offers design review for water efficient plumbing systems and offers rebates to City Departments for high efficiency fixtures in City projects. Please contact Amanda Dougherty at (415) 934-5768 or

LEED Consulting

Building Commissioning

Energy Modeling

Cost Estimating

Engineering Peer Review

Post Occupancy Evaluation

Monitoring and Verification

Green Building Education