San Francisco Department of the Environment

SF Energy Watch

Take Control of High Energy Costs

Since 2006, SF Energy Watch has been assisting local businesses and multifamily building managers or owners lower their energy bill through energy efficiency assessments and financial incentives, while also reducing San Francisco's impact on the environment. The program offers a multitude of energy-saving products and services. You can take advantage of new energy-saving opportunities and reap many benefits:

  • FREE on-site assessments to identify energy savings
  • NEW ENERGY EFFICIENT EQUIPMENT and technical services at greatly reduced cost
  • EXPERT INSTALLATION of energy-saving equipment
  • LOWER UTILITY BILLS over the life of the new equipment

Businesses of all sizes and multifamily residential properties located in San Francisco that are currently Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) customers can participate in the program. To schedule a free energy assessment, contact the SF Energy Watch hotline at (415) 355-3769 or email [email protected].

Overview of the programs offered through SF Energy Watch:

Commercial Plus Program

Program staff is available for no-cost to conduct on-site energy surveys and provide recommendations for low-cost, energy efficient improvements for your business or facility. Common opportunities for improvements include interior and exterior lighting, refrigeration improvements, advanced controls, computer network efficiency, and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) upgrades.

Small Business Direct Install Program

Small businesses qualify for turnkey services beginning with a free energy assessment followed by full project management through completion of the installation by a contractor assigned by the program. Energy efficient upgrades include interior, exterior and high-bay lighting, refrigeration controls, and strip curtains.

Multifamily Plus Program

Qualifying multifamily building owners can receive a free comprehensive energy efficiency assessment (both common and residential spaces) and low- and no- cost installation of efficiency measures such as lighting and heating upgrade system.

Multifamily Plus