San Francisco Department of the Environment

2-4 Unit Buildings

In addition to requirements and guidelines that apply to single-family detached homes, PG&E has additional requirements for participation of 2-4 unit buildings in the Energy Upgrade California - Home Upgrade program.

Additional Requirements:

You must make sure your participating contractor has been approved by EUC to upgrade 2-4 unit homes. All property owners in the building are required to participate. Note—this is different than requiring all households or units to participate.

  • For landlord-tenant properties, the building owner is the active participant/applicant and may choose to upgrade a subset of eligible units as long as each unit undergoes testing.
  • For condominiums, townhouses, and tenants-in-common, all unit owners must participate in an upgrade and testing.


  • Each unit is eligible for the EUC rebate ($1,000-$4,500)
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