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Commercial Property Tenants

To encourage and accommodate commuting to work by bicycle, the Tenant Bicycle Parking in Existing Commercial Buildings Ordinance requires commercial property owners to provide bicycle parking, or allow tenants to bring their bicycles into the building. The San Francisco Department of the Environment is responsible for implementing this Ordinance and works with commercial property owners to come into compliance with the law.

Important Information for Commercial Tenants

The Tenant Bicycle Parking Ordinance applies to existing commercial properties in San Francisco. Building owners, lessees, managers or other persons who control a commercial building are responsible for complying with the ordinance. Commercial tenants do not need to take any additional action to comply.

If you are an employee or tenant in an existing commercial building and you believe that your building's property owner or management company is not in compliance with the Ordinance, please complete the form below. Your inquiry will remain anonymous and a member of the Department’s CommuteSmart team will review the information provided and conduct follow-up as appropriate.

The Ordinance does not prescribe the type of bike parking arrangement between building managers and tenants. However, if a property owner or manager provides bike parking off-site, within three blocks or 750 feet, whichever is less, the parking must be provided at no cost, as detailed in the exception process.

The Ordinance does not require specific numbers of parking spaces, but Section 155.2 of the existing Planning Code provides guidance for the quantity needed to provide enough bicycle parking to meet tenant demand.

Commercial property owners subject to the Ordinance should comply with the Ordinance by January 31, 2014

For more information or additional questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions or contact CommuteSmart at [email protected] or 415-355-3727.

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