Many public and private schools throughout San Francisco host school gardens to engage students in outdoor activities and teach them about where food comes from. SF Department of the Environment partners with non-profit organization San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance to support sustainability in schoolyards and school gardens in San Francisco Unified School District as well as other schools.

What is a green schoolyard in comparison to a school garden? San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance explains,

“A school garden is often a component of a larger green schoolyard. SFUSD green schoolyards might consist of a pond or water feature, a native garden, a food-system garden, solar panels, rainwater cisterns, and other ecologically appropriate teaching tools.”

The San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance has been supported by a large volunteer base, the San Francisco Foundation, and San Francisco Proposition A in 2003 and 2006 for voter-approved school bonds.

Photo: Wamblicious