Home to many of the world's leaders in the design, construction, and operation of sustainable buildings, San Franciscans are planning, building, and preserving our built environment to balance present needs and natural resources with the history and culture of our past. From the Barbary Coast to today's center of innovation, designers, builders, and planners have applied their creativity and passion to create the dynamic and iconoclastic City by the Bay.

To continue to thrive while providing for future generations, San Francisco has some of the world’s most innovative environmental initiatives, incentives, and legislation. A built environmment that reduces waste and protects human health is essential to our common future, as is mitigating and adapting to changes to our climate. 

Many are motivated to build green for the benefit of people and the planet. Investment in green building is also growing because the business case for providing healthy, affordable, waste-eliminating, resource-efficient, and even restorative buildings is excellent.