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Austin Hunter

Austin Hunter currently serves on the San Francisco League of Conservation Voters Board (SFLCV). The goal of SFLCV, “is to promote environmental protection through active participation in the San Francisco political system and to enhance the integrity of that political system for all San Franciscans.” Austin has formerly been involved in a variety of community organizations including the Public Utilities Commission Community Advisory Committee, the Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club, and as an elected delegate to the California State Democratic Party. 

In his professional capacity Austin works in the responsible and ethical innovation space, helping companies early in the product development process think through a product’s lifecycle to identify and minimize harms while maximizing the ability to responsibly innovate. 

Austin holds a master’s in Public Policy from King’s College of London, a bachelor’s in international relations and political science from San Francisco State University, and an associate degree in social behavioral sciences. He currently attends Golden Gate University of Law where he has been awarded a full-tuition scholarship.

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August 29, 2023 – March 25, 2027
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