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SFBottleBank Mobile CRV Pilot Program

When consumers in California purchase beverages in a bottle, glass, or can, depending on the size of the container, they are paying a five to ten cents California Redemption Value (CRV) deposit. The San Francisco BottleBank™ mobile CRV pilot program provides an easy way to get deposits back using CRV redemption blue bags with QR codes tied to individual participants’ BottleBank™ account.

The program is designed to increase recycling rates of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and glass bottle beverage containers that have a CRV label and then return those deposits directly back to participants. Anyone can participate in the program by signing up for a BottleBank™ account.

How to participate

  • Bag containers: Collect your uncrushed CRV containers in special blue bags. Check the BottleBank™ website to find bags at your nearest participating retailer.
  • Locate a site: Use the BottleBank™ app or the location finder on the BottleBank™ website to find a mobile CRV site nearest you.
  • Drop off bag: Bring your bag(s) with CRV containers to a mobile site and an onsite attendant will scan and process your bag(s).
  • Redeem: Get paid 72-hours after your bag is processed. You can choose to have the funds electronically deposited to your account, pick up cash at Our Planet Recycling or donate to a local organization.
  • Register: Download the BottleBank™ mobile app to your smartphone or visit the SF BottleBank™ website.


Sign up for SF BottleBank™
Learn how to participate in SF BottleBank™ (PDF)
Learn more about the SF BottleBank™ program (PDF)

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