Green Building

Why Build Green
Buildings come at a cost. In the United States, buildings account for 70 percent of the electricity, 40 percent of the raw materials, and 12 percent of the potable water we use. In San Francisco, 56 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions are attributable to buildings.



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Home to many of the world's leaders in the design, construction, and operation of sustainable buildings, San Franciscans are planning, building, and preserving our built environment to balance present needs, future resources, and the history and culture of our past.


Buildings shape the urban environment of San Francisco and much of the community’s environmental impact. San Francisco is implementing a groundbreaking, comprehensive suite of policy initiatives and incentive programs to improve the performance of new and existing buildings. 


Home to many of the most skillful and imaginative architects, engineers, planners, and real estate professionals in the world, a growing proportion of municipal, commercial, and residential buildings have received third-party certification for green construction and operations. 


The City and County of San Francisco is committed to leadership by example. We apply the highest standards in the City to the buildings owned and operated by City government. SF Environment provides tools, standards, professional networks, experts, and education to help new municipal buildings and leaseholds meet their potential for environmental excellence.