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San Francisco has many resources to support urban agriculture projects, such as composting, building and landscaping materials; info on soil tests; classes; seed libraries; farmers’ markets; and grant funding.

Community Gardens
Community gardens are some of San Francisco's most beloved public spaces, as evidenced by the long waiting lists for getting a garden plot. While it can take months or years to get a spot in one of the City's standard allotment-based gardens, several community gardens throughout the city don't have waitlists. Read>
Reusable, recycled and remanufactured building and landscape supplies are available from Building REsources in San Francisco. Read>
Locally-produced compost is available in San Francisco and can often be obtained for free or at a small cost.Read>
Worm composting systems are small, efficient, and create excellent fertilizer for your plants. Read>
The San Francisco Seed Library hosts multiple branches to support the sharing and donation of seeds to help create a resilient local food and agriculture community.Read>
Farmers markets occurring throughout San Francisco offer the opportunity to purchase local, seasonal fresh produce, specialty goods, and other items directly from the farmers.Read>
Many local resources are available for guidance on grant seeking engagements and for funding of urban agriculture projects on a competitive application basis. Read>
This is a pilot quarterly post by the Department of the Environment and Recreation and Park Department for garden communities. Read>
SF Environment's study on the viability of commercial urban agriculture in the Bay Area highlights successes and challenges as well as provides recommended strategies for success. Read>