Urban Forestry

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The Urban Forest program at SF Environment seeks to promote a healthier, sustainable urban forest in San Francisco by implementing the Urban Forestry Council Ordinance, promoting education and outreach programs, providing information on tree management, and developing innovative funding strategies for urban forestry.
In order to improve the environmental, social, and economic benefits that our trees provide, we need to improve the care they receive and increase the number of trees we plant of the right species in the right locations.



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Whether it’s a tree in a public or private space, in a sidewalk, a park, or a backyard, all are part of our urban forest. Each can play an important role in improving our quality of life and the environmental health of our city.


The Landmark Tree program identifies and preserves the City’s best trees. Trees are evaluated individually using a set of criteria that includes the tree’s rarity as well as its ecological, historical, social, or aesthetic contributions to San Francisco’s landscape. Due to their exceptional contributions, those deemed the best trees receive the highest level of protection afforded to San Francisco trees. 

Lanmark Tree Process Flowchart (PDF)


Some of the most recent reports on the health, size, and function of our urban trees. 

These tree lists help provide information on trees that can grow well here and can increase the biodiversity of our urban forest.Read>
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