Landmark Tree program

San Francisco's preservation program for the City's best trees



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The Landmark Tree program identifies and preserves the City’s best trees. Trees are evaluated individually using a set of criteria that includes the tree’s rarity as well as its ecological, historical, social, or aesthetic contributions to San Francisco’s landscape. Due to their exceptional contributions, those deemed the best trees receive the highest level of protection afforded to San Francisco trees. 

San Francisco Public Works oversees the care and management of Landmark Trees, while SF Environment assists with program nominations. Read>
The Landmark Tree Ordinance is part of the Public Works code. The nomination process is overseen by the Urban Forestry Council and SF Environment staff. Read>
Landmark Trees are the best and most highly protected trees in the city. Here is the list and map of all of the trees currently protected within the Landmark Tree Program. Read>
There are serious criminal, civil, and administrative penalties for harming a Landmark Tree or removing a Landmark Tree without a permit.Read>
Quick answers to the most common questions asked about San Francisco's Landmark Tree Program. Read>
This map shows the location of all the designated landmark trees as well as any trees that are currently being considered for landmark status. Read>