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Some of the most recent reports on the health, size, and function of our urban trees. 

The Urban Forestry Council produces an annual report detailing the management of San Francisco's urban forest. These reports include information on staffing, funding, and programming of the agencies and nonprofits that maintain or oversee the care of our city's trees. Read>
In 2006 SFE and the Urban Forestry Council partnered with the USDA Forest Service to conduct an analysis of the size and value of San Francisco's urban forest and the carbon and pollution services these trees provide, using data gathered from sample plots. Read>
Completed in 2007, the San Francisco Bay Area State of the Urban Forest Report used overhead imaging technology to determine regional and county specific data on urban forest structural value, carbon sequestration and storage, and hydrology benefits, among other environmental services. Read>
Completed in 2003, the Street Tree Analysis provided structure and environmental services data for San Francisco's street trees and trees in sidewalks and street medians. Read>