San Francisco Department of the Environment Climate Action StrategySan Francisco Department of the Environment
San Francisco Climate Action Strategy

City agencies, in partnership with community organizations and businesses, have identified 35 climate strategies to achieve the goals of zero waste, 50% trips without cars, and 100% renewable energy.

Zero Waste

San Francisco recycles and composts more than any other city in the US and consequently, our emissions from waste have decreased significantly since 1990.

We still waste – buying too much stuff and sending it to landfill instead of composting and recycling or finding reuse options. A product's carbon footprint, the total emissions from its lifecycle, is actually much greater than what city government tracks. Buying only what you need is the best practice. You can help San Francisco get to Zero Waste by 2020 by becoming a zero waste champion.



Though our cars are becoming more fuel efficient, people continue to drive more and farther. Greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles have increased since 1990.

To tackle traffic congestion problems and the pollutants that come out of vehicle tailpipes, we need to commute sustainably with car-free trips to work, school, or the grocery store. If we must drive, we choose clean vehicles and green fuels.



The largest single action we can take to meet our climate goals is to choose 100% renewable electricity.

We also need to cut consumption of electricity and natural gas by increasing energy efficiency of our buildings by 20%.



San Francisco is known for its natural beauty. Our parks and waterfront are well loved by residents and visitors. Our urban green spaces provide essential services such as cleaning our air, filtering and slowing flood waters, and sequestering greenhouse gas emissions. 

You can further these greening efforts by joining your local community garden, planting a tree, or making a rain garden.


Municipal Operations

Emissions from government buildings and fleets have decreased. All government buildings run on 100% renewable electricity, Muni buses use B20, and every City agency has its own Departmental Climate Action Plan

To meet goals set by the Board of Supervisors,  San Francisco government must move to 100% carbon-free fuel for its diesel fleets and transition off inefficient gasoline vehicles.