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CCSF Carsharing

Have the convenience of a car without the hassle or cost. Carsharing companies offer all sizes and types of vehicles throughout the Bay Area for you to reserve and use when you need. Insurance, gas, and maintenance are covered.

Why carshare?

Save money!

The average carshare user who drives 12,000 miles a year saves over $1,800 by not owning a personal vehicle. Commuters who drive less than 12,000 miles can save even more.

Save gas!

Each carshare vehicle pulls 15 personally-owned cars off the road.

Save resources!

In 2009, carsharing reduced global carbon dioxide emissions by 482,170 tons…that’s half the weight of the Golden Gate Bridge.

For more information about carsharing worldwide, visit this interactive website.

Discounts for City and County of San Francisco Employees

City and County of San Francisco employees get discounts for personal memberships from some carshare companies. Please email for more information.

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