Climate Change

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Climate Change
Climate change is the biggest environmental issue of the 21st century. SF Environment is committed to developing and implementing policies and practices that will protect our residents, visitors and businesses from the worst impacts of climate change.
Climate Goals
San Francisco is actively addressing the causes of human-made climate change. Consistent with the scientific community’s recommendations for measures needed to stabilize our climate system, we are committed to ambitious reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions.
Mayor Lee Keynote
Mayor Edwin M. Lee hosted energy ministers from around the world for the 7th Annual Clean Energy Ministerial. The Mayor showcased our city's commitment to providing real solutions to climate change and pushing a climate action agenda that helps San Francisco reach ambitious goals for a more sustainable future.
Regional Climate Pact
Mayor Edwin M. Lee hosted the signing of the Pacific North American Climate Leadership Agreement - an agreement between three United States governors and British Columbia held in concurrence with the 7th Annual Clean Energy Ministerial on June 1, 2016.



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Recognizing that cities play a leading role in producing and potentially reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, San Francisco is actively pursuing citywide strategies to address human-made climate change.


San Francisco is taking action on climate change at the municipal government level. To meet our ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals, City departments track their GHG emissions and participate in an annual climate action program. Department level climate planning and actions are outlined in Departmental Climate Action Plans (DepCAPs).

0 50 100 Roots emblem
San Francisco's framework for reaching our greenhouse gas emission reduction goals by 2025: Zero Waste, 50% Clean Transportation, 100% Renewable Energy, and Roots. Read>
Cover of the 2013 San Francisco Climate Action Strategy
The San Francisco Climate Action Strategy (2013 Update) outlines the city's progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and how we as a community can continue to move towards our climate goals. San Francisco Department of the Environment. 2013.Read>
Reading List of San Francisco Plans and Reports on Climate Change
San Francisco Plans & Reports on Climate Change Read>
The San Francisco Carbon Fund provides funding for local projects that reduce our community’s carbon footprint and add value to our neighborhoods by enhancing public green spaces and the urban forest.Read>
Rising sea levels, severe storms, flooding, heat waves, changing snow pack, and volatile weather patterns. San Francisco steps up and responds to a changing climate.Read>

Additional Information for Climate Change

San Francisco Climate and Health Profile
The San Francisco Climate and Health Profile is a report that links climate change projections with their associated health outcomes, and identifies populations and locations most vulnerable to these health outcomes.
Learn about San Francisco's formula for reaching greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

Climate Plans & Reports
Download the City's Climate Action Strategy and other reports.