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Climate Goals

San Francisco is actively addressing the causes of human-made climate change. Consistent with the scientific community’s recommendations for measures needed to stabilize our climate system, we are committed to ambitious reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions.

Community Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Goals

Achieving these reductions requires us to clean up our energy sources, leave behind dirty fossil fuels and make healthy choices in our daily lives.

Additional Information

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets and Departmental Climate Action Plans - Chapter 9 of San Francisco Environment Code, May 13, 2008 - greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals defined

Climate Change Goals and Action Plan - Ordinance 81-08 (PDF), Ordinance amending the San Francisco Environment Code by adding Chapter 9, Sections 900 through 908, to establish City greenhouse gas emissions targets and departmental action plans, to authorize the Department of the Environment to coordinate efforts to meet these targets, and to make environmental findings

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Resolution No. 010-01-COE (PDF), August 20, 2001 - resolution supporting efforts to curb global warming, adopt greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for San Francisco in excess of the targeted goals of the Kyoto Protocol, and call for continued actions towards achieving these goals


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Learn about San Francisco's formula for reaching greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

Climate Plans & Reports
Download the City's Climate Action Strategy and other reports.



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