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Climate Action Month

​This year, the focus of San Francisco's annual Climate Action Month has shifted from community events and volunteerism to online forums for action and engagement. On this page, we invite you and your loved ones to explore opportunities that can be seized right from your home, with empowering activities and virtual events that celebrate and support our families, our communities, and our environment. Together, we can take action that can have a powerful and lasting impact.

Take Action

Support Your Community
Virtual Events
Read, Watch, Listen  
Youth and Families
Everyday Actions
SF Climate Action

Support Your Community 

Although COVID-19 affects everyone, our vulnerable communities need our help most. Support, donate, or volunteer with an organization in need.

Support Local Restaurants (Save Our Faves) 
Support SF Green Businesses
Donate to COVID-19 Response & Recovery Fund (SFGov) 
Volunteer & Donate (SFGov) 

Virtual Events  

Take action for the environment by participating in the many inspirational and empowering online opportunities in April.

Featured Events

April 30: Urban Insects: Help us help them in 2020 by Earthwise Aware
April 30: The History of Victory Gardens and How to Grow Your Own by Cohansey Area Watershed Association
April 30: INVT Creative Flow: Recycling Collage Art by In/Visible Talks
April 24May 3: City Nature Challenge by Natural History Museum and California Academy of Sciences


Full list of Climate Action Month events >


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Read, Watch, Listen

Dive into educational and inspirational books, films, and more. Explore the list of curated recommendations by Department of the Environment staff and our network of partner organizations.

Full list of recommendations >

Free Resources from San Francisco Public Library

Check out the Green Stacks e-resource list (PDF) for recommendations, then search the library catalog for free e-books and audiobooks, or log-in to Kanopy using your library card for access to hundreds of eco-films and documentaries.


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Youth and Families

Connect children with nature using educational resources, games, and activities. Contact the School Education Team at SF Environment for free distance learning, virtual field trips,and presentations available to teachers and families.


K-5 Curriculum
6-12 Curriculum
30 Days of Eco Learning (Turning Green Classroom)

Bring Nature Home

Finding Nature (Children & Nature Network)
Museum from Home (California Academy of Sciences)
National Parks Virtual Tour (Google)
Outdoor Education from Home (Green Schoolyard America)


Games & Activities  
Fun Family Walks in Your Neighborhood (Walk SF)
Kids Nature Activities During COVID-19 (Golden Gate Audubon Society)


Create a #WindowEarth (Ruth Asawa School of the Arts Environmental Club)
Craft Projects at Home (Museum of Craft and Design)
Bike & Roll to School Week Art Content (Safe Routes to School)
Plastic Pollution Earth Day Poster Contest (Beyond Plastics)

Meet SF Environment's 2020 School Awardees

Each year, we award the school community for providing innovative solutions that support San Francisco's climate protection goals. 

Celebrate the hard work being done by youth, supporting adults, and school communities to advance climate justice for all. Meet the 2020 SF Environment School Awardees


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Everyday Actions

Tips, tricks, and resources to live healthier, save money, and support the environment from the comfort of your home.

Zero Waste, Zero Toxics 

Reduce your waste while sheltering in place
Learn what goes where (SFRecycles)
Ideas for cooking, storing food, and shopping sustainably
13 tips for creating a healthy home
Guide to safe disposal of toxic products
Save water and money while sheltering in place (SFPUC)

Travel Sustainably 

Learn about street safety with SF Bicycle Coalition
Get around sustainably in San Francisco

Clean Energy

Upgrade to 100% renewable energy at home (CleanPowerSF)
Tips to make your home more energy efficient
How to get off natural gas and go electric at home
Discover the benefits of driving electric without leaving your driveway

Protect & Connect with Nature

Discover wild spaces in your neighborhood
Grow native and drought-tolerant plants at home

Create a Personal Climate Action Plan

Calculate your carbon footprint and set personal goals by using My Climate Action Plan (MyCAP), a tool created by the Business Council on Climate Chnage (BC3) in collaboration with Trello and Cool Climate Network.


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San Francisco Climate Action 

SF Climate Action Framework

0-80-100-Roots is San Francisco’s climate action framework created to help us meet the challenge of climate change through innovative policies, programs, and partnerships.

  • Zero Waste, Zero Toxics
  • 80% Sustainable Trips
  • 100% Renewable Energy
  • Roots

SF Climate Action Plan 2020

The City of San Francisco’s 2020 Climate Action Plan (the Plan), led by the Department of the Environment, aims to eliminate greenhouse gases by 2050. At the core of this work, and central to achieving our climate goals, is an increased focus on social and economic justice. The Plan will simultaneously address issues of health, housing, and transportation, and ensure an inclusive and just transition for the populations most affected by climate change and other emerging hazards. 

The solutions proposed will be more holistic and multifaceted than in the past, and the development process will continue to incorporate a broad cross-section of collaborators–including City Departments, community-based organizations, and San Francisco residents and businesses. 

The Plan is anticipated to be released at the end of 2020 and we look forward to working with our communities to find climate solutions for the good of humanity.

SF Climate Plans and Reports

SF Climate Milestones
San Francisco’s Electric Vehicle Roadmap
Focus 2030: A Pathway to Net Zero Emissions Report (PDF)
San Francisco’s Hazards and Climate Resilience Plan 
Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Consequences Assessment


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