Reaching 80 x 50: Technology Pathways to a Sustainable Future

Over the course of a year, Siemens collaborated closely with the San Francisco Department of Environment (SFE) and nine other agencies to conduct an analysis of the City’s infrastructure, defined as its entire built environment and transport system. The team used the CyPT model to test technology pathways for achieving San Francisco’s “80x50” target (reducing CO₂eq emissions 80% by 2050 against a 1990 baseline) within the context of the local 0-50-100-Roots framework, as well as the State of California’s policy leadership. This report reviews the technology pathways and their effects within San Francisco. Results illuminate how decisions by San Francisco as a whole – the public sector, utilities, business, and the citizenry – to invest in energy efficient buildings, clean energy, and a multi-modal transport network can accelerate the City’s strong record of reducing GHG emissions, while creating jobs and improving air quality.