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Free programs available to all K-12 public and private San Francisco schools.



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From where to buy compostable bags to how much money your neighbor saved on their home improvement project


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Want to compost in the cafeteria?  Our Food to Flowers! Lunchroom Composting Program will provide everything you need.

"We are delighted by the level of detailed support SF Environment provided."  - Lee L., High School Teacher

Need help with your recycling program? Call us: (415) 355-3742.Read>
Due to the severity of the drought, this presentation is now being offered as an assembly for all grades. Students will learn the history of San Francisco’s water supply and a variety of water conservation strategies.Read>
Learn how to prevent water pollution, and protect our most precious resource.Read>
Learn how we can help stop litter. Read>
We annually sponsor 100 free field trips that are available to all San Francisco schools.Read>