San Francisco Department of the Environment

Electric Mobility & Municipal Properties: Submit a Project Proposal for San Francisco

The transportation sector's reliance on fossil fuels makes the sector San Francisco’s largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and criteria air pollutants. Along with mode shift away from single occupancy vehicles towards transit, walking and bicycling, strategic electrification of the transportation sector has the potential to reduce harmful emissions and air pollution. Achievement of these reductions depends, in part, on the electrification of private vehicles by establishing an electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure network that is:

  • Responsive to current and future demands
  • Ensures consistency with key policies (such as Transit First and public health and safety policies), while providing equitable access across the city.

Electric Mobility Project Proposals

City-owned and city-managed off-street parking facilities are well-suited to support the expansion of electric mobility across San Francisco. The use of municipally-owned and managed off-street parking facilities is in line with key strategies identified the in the Electric Vehicle Roadmap(PDF).

Project proposals may include any of thirty-eight municipal garages and lots (see map below for information on each site) that could:

  • Further develop the publicly-accessible EV charging network
  • Provide access to a suite of electric mobility services, such as electric bicycles

The vision for electric mobility projects is simple: help to advance San Francisco’s vision of excellent transportation choices and mission to connect San Francisco through a safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation system. Ideally, electric mobility projects will include collaboration opportunities to support a diversity of mobility options— particularly those that do not induce or generate new vehicle miles, and that do accomplish the following:

  • Prioritize equitable access
  • Complement sustainable modes of travel
  • Integrate with facilities uses and demands
  • Enhance public safety and security

Submit an Electric Moblility Project Intake Form (PDF) >

By August 31, 2019: Please complete the form and email to: [email protected] (with the subject line: [Company Name]: Electric Mobility Project Proposal).

What to Expect

In September, a committee of City staff will review and evaluate project submissions. Applicants will be notified of the committee’s determination within approximately three weeks from the close of the submission period.

Note: This intake form does NOT serve as a formal RFP/RFQ for electric mobility projects and does NOT guarantee implementation of proposed projects. If pursued, all projects are subject to City/Agency procurement requirements/policies. All information submitted is subject to public records requests.

EV Roadmap: SF's Electric Mobility Strategy

In 2018, departments from across the City and the private sector, developed the EV Roadmap. The effort, led by SF Environment, SFMTA and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), resulted in six program areas, each with its own suite of actions, which are meant to help advance strategic electrification efforts across the transportation sector:

  • Public Awareness: Achieve broad public awareness, understanding and consideration of the options and benefits of electric mobility.
  • Incentives: Create a preference for electric mobility over gasoline and diesel vehicles.
  • Charging Infrastructure: Ensure that charging infrastructure for EVs is available and convenient for all residents, businesses and visitors.
  • Grid: Integrate EV charging with the electrical grid to maximize the benefits of charging infrastructure and support the transition to a renewable energy future.
  • Medium- and Heavy-Duty; Lead the way in medium- and heavy-duty vehicle electrification.
  • Emerging Mobility: Advocate for and encourage emerging mobility options to be emission-free.

The EV Roadmap was carefully crafted to emphasize the important functions that transit, bicycling and walking play to promote sustainable mobility in San Francisco and reduce air pollution. Strategic electrification of the transportation sector will help ensure that the City meets its ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals in the coming years. Today, SFMTA, and other City staff are identifying a subset of actions within the EV Roadmap that should be advanced.



Mayor’s Electric Vehicle Working Group

In January 2015, Mayor Lee established the Electric Vehicle Working Group (EVWG) to identify actions and policies to continue EV growth in San Francisco. Its objective was to ensure that EVs are available, affordable and easy to use for all San Franciscans. Led by the Office of the City Administrator and the San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment), the EVWG was asked to develop recommendations and solutions that would electrify our municipal fleet, and transform the marketplace for EVs in the private sector.

As a result, two ordinances were passed in 2017: (1) the City Fleet Zero Emission Vehicle Ordinance which mandates the electrification of the City’s light duty passenger sedan fleet by 2022, and (2) the EV Readiness Ordinance, which mandates all parking spaces in new construction to be ‘made ready’ to support EV charging. In late 2017, a subcommittee was established and tasked with development of the EV Roadmap.