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A dynamic city like San Francisco requires the efficient use of clean, renewable energy to meet the needs of today and future generations. Our innovative policies and programs help San Franciscans use energy wisely, while saving money and reducing environmental impacts.
Save money and operating costs, minimize energy waste, and lower your property's environmental impact.
Save money and operating costs, minimize energy waste, and lower your building's environmental impact.



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How we use energy is just as important as how it is produced and where it comes from. The more efficient our buildings and our homes are, the less energy we need. The less energy we need, the less we use, and the less harm we do to the environment.

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The City of San Francisco has developed a number of innovative policies and programs to move the city toward its goal of 100% renewable energy to become a cleaner, healthier and more secure city.

How to Comply: Benchmarking
What you need to know to benchmark your property, satisfy the ordinance, and track your building's performance.Read>
San Francisco Environment Code Chapter 30 requires large commercial buildings to obtain all electricity from 100% renewable sources. Read>
Bay Area Multifamily Business Enhancements (BAMBE) in San Francisco offers $500 per unit in rebates to help multifamily property owners lower the cost of energy efficiency upgrades and provides the support, advice and technical assistance needed to undertake these upgrades. Read>
In order to reduce green house gas emissions related to energy and water use and to protect natural resources, San Francisco has enacted an ordinance that requires owners of single or 2 family dwellings, apartment buildings, and residential hotels to improve their energy and water usage.Read>
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy tips, solutions, and resources for San Francisco ResidentsRead>
Get solar incentives for your business, non-profit organization, or multifamily property. Generate electricity from the sun!Read>