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Local businesses can lower operating costs by switching to energy efficient equipment. Energy efficiency is the easiest and cheapest way to improve your bottom line. SF Energy Watch can help upgrade old and inefficient equipment to improve bottom line.



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Learn how SF Energy Watch participants have cut energy costs, improved competitiveness and reduced their environmental footprint through energy efficiency upgrades.  Each featured case study describes the energy efficient upgrades, project cost, incentive received, annual savings, energy usage reduction, and payback time.

Driven by the rise of energy costs and growing public concern about climate change, businesses are looking for ways to shrink their energy bills and do their part to protect the environment. SF Energy Watch supports local businesses by reducing energy costs by switching to energy efficient equipment while improving the comfort and function of facilities.Read>
Funded by California utility ratepayers, SF Energy Watch offers free energy assessments and financial incentives for energy efficiency upgrades. Funds collected from utility ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission are used to subsidize the overall cost of energy efficiency upgrades.Read>
SF Energy Watch makes it easier to find a contractor for your energy efficiency projects, whether it is a lighting, refrigeration, or HVAC retrofit project. Preferred contractors have been trained by SF Energy Watch staff on the program's procedures and rules, project application, payment process and remain in good standing.Read>