Multifamily Plus

Enhancing Property Value with Energy Efficiency Upgrades
The SF Energy Watch Multifamily Plus program offers qualifying multifamily property owners free comprehensive energy assessments and incentives for high efficiency measures such as lighting, gas water heater and boiler controls, and more.



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Learn how SF Energy Watch participants have cut energy costs, improved competitiveness and reduced their environmental footprint through energy efficiency upgrades.  Each featured case study describes the energy efficient upgrades, project cost, incentive received, annual savings, energy usage reduction, and payback time.

SF Energy Watch offers comprehensive energy assessments (both common and residential spaces) and financial incentives for energy efficient improvements to qualifying multifamily building owners. Read>
Funded by California utility ratepayers, SF Energy Watch offers free energy assessments and financial incentives for energy efficiency upgrades. Funds collected from utility ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission are used to subsidize the overall cost of energy efficiency upgrades.Read>
SF Energy Watch makes it easier to find a contractor for your energy efficiency projects, whether it is a lighting, refrigeration, or HVAC retrofit project. Preferred contractors have been trained by SF Energy Watch staff on the program's procedures and rules, project application, payment process and remain in good standing.Read>