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Learn how SF Energy Watch participants have cut energy costs, improved competitiveness and reduced their environmental footprint through energy efficiency upgrades.  Each featured case study describes the energy efficient upgrades, project cost, incentive received, annual savings, energy usage reduction, and payback time.

"We received help in financing the work, the installation took place without a hitch, finished ahead of schedule and the lights look great." - 1700 California Street ManagementRead>
"Improving operations by making them more efficient is easy. It should be considered an investment that will ultimately pay significant dividends, both monetary and in quality of life. SF Energy Watch will help you figure out where you want to go and how you are going to get there." - Eliah Borstein, Property Manager, Jordan HousingRead>
"Tenants were very happy with the improved light quality and were pleased to know that they were contributing to our collective sustainability effort through our involvement with SF Energy Watch." George Orbelian, Property OwnerRead>
“Participating in SF Energy Watch was a simple way for us to reduce our carbon footprint, generate less waste, and lower our energy bill!” Zarya Yves, General Manager Read>
"We are very happy with the efficiency upgrades. I see the motion sensors as an every-day confirmation of our commitment to lowering energy usage. It doesn't hurt that the homeowners see the lowered energy costs as a sign of good stewardship of both the environment and the budget." -Doug MacAbee, Manager, The WatermarkRead>
"SF Energy Watch is a triple-bottom line win. It generates work for local contractors who are up-to-date on energy efficiency technologies; it reduces the load on our local utilities – and the earth – by reducing energy consumption and it saves money for our homeowners. This is mentoring, managing and municipal activism in its most positive manifestation." – Alice Rogers, Communications Read>