The power of moving water



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Hydropower is the use of water to power machinery or make electricity. Anyone who has listened to the rushing streams of the Sierra Nevada mountains or stood in the surf of the Pacific Ocean knows the power of moving water.

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Hetch Hetchy Water & Power System, Tuolumne Co. Historical Society
John Muir referred to the Hetch Hetchy Valley when first seeing it in 1871 as "Tuolumne Yosemite."
Clean Hydroelectric Energy, SF Public Utilities Commission
The City and County of San Francisco and our other retail and wholesale power customers are extremely fortunate to receive their energy from the Hetch Hetchy Water and Power System.
Hetch Hetchy Water & Power System, SF Public Utilities Commission
Hetch Hetchy Reservoir was formed on the Tuolumne River after construction of O'Shaughnessy Dam in 1923. The reservoir can store up to 117 billion gallons of drinking water.