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Learn more about solar energy technologies, tools, and incentive programs available for residents, businesses and nonprofits in San Francisco to make the sun work for you.
Get solar incentives for your home. Use clean energy from the sun to reduce your energy bills!
To accelerate the adoption of solar electric systems in San Francisco, the City is offering incentives to San Francisco residents, businesses, and non-profits to install solar on their properties.



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Our sun provides us with an abundance of clean and renewable solar energy. Solar energy can be converted into electricity by utilizing proven and robust technologies. With increased awareness of the environmental, health, and security impacts related to the burning of fossil fuels, it's clear that generating more of our electricity from solar energy is becoming a wiser choice every day.

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Using the sun’s energy to heat your domestic hot water is clean and economical. Solar water heating is an efficient use of solar energy that has been largely overlooked. Cut your utility bill and decrease carbon emissions by harnessing the solar potential on your roof to meet your home or business water heating needs. 

San Francisco’s Solar+Storage for Resiliency project aims to expand the solar market by serving as a national model for integrating solar and energy storage into the City's Emergency Response Plans. Read>
There are a number of ways to finance your solar system. Learn about non-traditional financing mechanisms such as GreenFinanceSF (PACE) and increasingly popular solar leases and PPAs.Read>

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Vote Solar
Weekly webinar series on timely and important solar issues. Each Wednesday 'Get Some Sun' features fresh perspectives that help shed light on all issues solar.
Solar in Action in San Francisco
San Francisco's Challenges and Successes on the Path toward a Solar-Powered Community
San Francisco Municipal Installations
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is responsible for the installation, maintenance and operation of the City's nine municipal solar installations. In total, these energy facilities can generate up to 7.2 megawatts of energy.
GreenFinanceSF allows commercial property owners to finance renewable energy projects, as well as energy and water efficiency, through a municipal bond and repay the debt via their property tax account.

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