San Francisco Environment Department

Environmental Justice Grant Program

In 2001, SF Environment created an Environmental Justice grant program to address community concerns including energy, air pollution and environmental health. SF Environment has awarded more than $12 million in grant funds to nonprofit groups to promote a healthier, sustainable environment in the Southeast area of the City. When SF Environment is accepting grant proposals, listings are posted on the grant page.


History and Achievements
SF Environment provided grants to local projects serving the Bayview Hunters Point and Potrero Hill neighborhoods‚ two areas burdened by the in-City power plants that have now closed. We have awarded more than $12 million in City grants to help build sustainable communities in the Southeast area.

Environmental Justice Grant Recipients
SF Environment provides environmental justice grants to community groups and non-profit organizations serving the Potrero Hill and Bayview Hunters Point communities. We support groups that are helping to improve the quality of life and building resilient, sustainable communities in the Southeast area.

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