Departamento del Medio Ambiente de San Francisco

SF Carbon Fund Request for Proposals


Pre-Application Meeting
1455 Market Street-12th floor 



Thursday, 11/30/17, 10-11:30AM

You must RSVP to [email protected]

Final day for questions (via email only, except at pre-application meeting)

Tuesday, 12/13/17

[email protected]

Questions posted on website

Ongoing until 12/14/17

Proposals Due

No later than 5:00 PM, Thursday, 12/21/17

[email protected]

Environmental Commission
Approval of Awards

 Tuesday, 1/23/18, 5PM

Recommended grantees will be notified and should expect to attend meeting


The mission of the San Francisco Department of the Environment is to provide solutions that advance climate protection and enhance quality of life for all San Franciscans.

Our environmental vision is expressed simply as “0-50-100 Roots”— we must achieve 0 waste, take at least 50% of our trips sustainably, and use 100% renewable energy while also reducing energy consumption. While those goals are about being less harmful to the planet, our “Roots” goal is about healing the planet by protecting nature’s diversity, planting trees and promoting soil health to absorb carbon and restore natural systems.

In keeping with its “Roots” commitment, since July 2009, San Francisco has levied an innovative carbon fee on municipal airline travel to invest in local projects that mitigate and sequester carbon emissions and enhance the quality of the environment. This revenue is administered by the Department through the San Francisco Carbon Fund, which also provides an opportunity for conferences and conventions to invest in these local projects. Over the years, investments have been made in biodiesel, urban forest, energy efficiency and greening projects throughout the City.

The Department is currently seeking projects that sequester and mitigate carbon emissions through increasing the number of healthy trees and decreasing energy needed to treat the City’s wastewater by introducing and/or improving locally appropriate habitats. Eligible projects include Street, Schoolyard and Alleyway Trees, Swales, Planted Buffer Strips, Rain Gardens, Constructed Wetland, Edible Gardens or a combination of these.

Co-benefits of funded projects should support the City’s long-term climate and resiliency goals—supporting health and well-being by reducing urban heat island impacts and flooding risks, expanding the production of locally grown food, increasing the walkability of San Francisco neighborhoods, providing equitable access to green space, restoring biodiversity and amplifying community action and stewardship.

The Department expects to award 5-8 grants totally $150,000 for community greening projects. The minimum award will be $15,000 and maximum will be $60,000.  Grants will be awarded for three (3) years, with the majority of the grant (90%) awarded in the first year when the project is implemented and less funding (5% per year) for the following 24 months to cover maintenance and reporting.  

Only 501(c) 3 nonprofit organizations and schools may apply. Non-profit applicants are required to submit proof of non-profit status prior to awards. For-profit businesses may participate as sub-contractors to an eligible organization. Those entities that have existing City grants will only be considered for funding if current grant-funded projects are on track.

Electronic submissions are required.

Proposals will NOT be accepted after the submission deadline of
Thursday, December 21, 2017