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Our Cool Planet Poster Contest Winners

The City of San Francisco held a poster contest for all K-12 San Francisco students in honor of the Global Climate Action Summit taking place in San Francisco from September 12-14, 2018. The theme was "Our Cool Planet."  Here are the winners from each grade category:

Contest Winners

Elementary School: Samantha Shapiro, 4th Grade, Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires
Middle School: Mabel Rose Piano, 7th Grade St., Thomas Apostle School 
High School: Quiyan Lin, 10th Grade, Lincoln High School  


We'd also like to thank Kyle Trefny, a 16-year-old Junior at Asawa School of the Arts for this art piece in honor of the Global Climate Action Summit.

Kyle Trefny is a San Francisco high schooler, and a Junior Zoologist at the San Francisco Zoo. He uses his experiences with animals to fuel a passion for environmental work at school, and inspire his artwork at home. Through art, Kyle has raised over $5,000 for the conservation of his favorite animal, the snow leopard.

At school, Kyle organizes peers in mass creative advocacy projects and works to better campus practices. Since Kyle has been at Asawa SOTA, the school won 1st place in the citywide Earth Day Every Day challenge and 1st Place in the statewide high school Strategic Energy Innovations Earth Day Campaign.

In the coming years, Kyle hopes to leverage the many connections he's made to increase student engagement in issues including carbon-free transportation, water conservation, and sustainable dietary practices (like eating less beef) for young people across the city and state.


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