Regardless of permit requirements, the following is always required:

- Projects must follow all urban agriculture physical and operational standards defined in the planning code for their project type.
- Projects must comply with other city policies relating to:

  • Animal Keeping, including bees, egg-laying birds, goats, etc.
  • Any built structures, including tool sheds, greenhouses, and farm stands, etc.
  • Soil hazard mitigations when the lead level exceeds 400ppm. Please note: The Department of Public Health encourages any project where the soil-lead contamination level is 80ppm or greater to engage in hazard mitigation, as this level of contamination can cause harm to children and pregnant women. 

Additionally, all projects, even if they don’t have a permit or regulation that requires it, are encouraged to follow SF Public Utilities recommendations to identify a water source and follow water efficient irrigation practices.