Solar Electricity

Today it makes economical sense to install solar
Even in a place as foggy as San Francisco, there's more than enough sunlight to make solar electric systems not only technically feasible, but also financially attractive.
SF Solar Map
This innovative, award-winning tool allows San Francisco residents and businesses to evaluate their building's solar resource potential. Find your home or building on the map to see your solar electric or water heating potential.
By leveraging group purchasing power, local small and mid-sized commercial property owners have secured a 20% discount for the buying group and can access streamlined financing options to install solar PV for little to $0 down.
GoSolarSF Incentive
To accelerate the adoption of solar electric systems in San Francisco, the City is offering incentives to San Francisco residents, businesses, and non-profits to install solar on their properties.



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Read about solar installation and stories that highlight how solar power is saving money, cutting carbon, bringing smiles, and changing lives in SF.  San Franciscans share their solar experiences in our catalogue of case studies.

Group purchasing allows residents, non-profits, or commercial property owners to leverage their collective purchasing power to secure significant discounts. Find out how to engage your neighbors or colleagues to explore what group purchasing can do for you.Read>
In San Francisco, there's more than enough sunlight to make solar electricity feasible and financially attractive!Read>