Departamento ng Kapaligiran ng San Francisco  (San Francisco Department of the Environment) 

What We Learned: Climate and the Environment with Director Debbie Raphael

Thursday, August 12, 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Hosted by Manny's
$5 - $10
In an installment of the "What We Learned" series, Manny's welcomes Debbie Raphael, the Director of the San Francisco Department of the Environment to discuss lessons learned during the pandemic. Join the discussion to meet new folks, and hear others' experience as you discuss the following questions:
As we return to relatively normal life, did we learn anything about our relationship with the environment and opportunities to save it?
Did quarantine actually make any significant effect on the environment?
Can we apply any lessons that we may have learned while staying home?
Are people more conscious of their affects on the natural world now?
What policies can be implemented now as a result of our learnings?
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