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Sending nothing to landfill is a foreseeable future

Imagine a world in which nothing goes to landfills or to incinerators. We think it is achievable, and SF Environment is doing everything we can to make it happen.

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Fact-sheet explaining the Refuse Separation Compliance auditing process.
Fact-sheet explaining the Refuse Separation Compliance auditing process.
A month long waiver for meat and fish trays.
Checkout Bag Ordinance 2020 Poster

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Ordinance amending the Environment Code to restrict the sale or distribution on City property of...
The Waste Characterization Study presents the results of a study to characterize and quantify the...
Supports statewide efforts to hold producers responsible for product waste and agencies to include...
Pursuant to the requirements of the Resource Conservation Ordinance (Chapter 5, Environment Code,...
This document is a guide to help you set up a successful Zero Waste event in San Francisco.
List of Reusable Bag Vendors.
List of Certified Compostable Plastic Bag Vendors.
List of Recycled Paper Bag Suppliers.
Ordenanza para Establecimientos Alimenticios sobre Bolsas / Checkout Bag Factsheet & (FAQs) for...
三藩市飲食業結帳載物袋條例 / Checkout Bag Factsheet & (FAQs) for Food Establishments (中文)
Attention All Food Establishments Owners and Managers / 所有食物店店主和經理敬請注意 / Atención a todos los...