San Francisco Department of the Environment

Food to Flowers! Lunchroom Composting

Want to begin or improve composting and recycling at your school? Contact us!

Our support includes dynamic assemblies featuring our mascot Phoebe the Phoenix (she appears at elementary schools only), compost monitor trainings + aprons, curriculum, signs for your carts, and classroom materials.

For more information please call our School Education team at (415) 355-3742 or email [email protected].

Compost Monitor Trainings
We will train your students to help their peers sort properly in the lunchroom. Trainings are 30 minutes long and we provide aprons if needed.

“Within our first month, we’ve had over 40 compost monitors, all of whom have done a beautiful job sorting the trash at lunchtime. We even had a six-year-old compost monitor report back that he was taking compost out of the trash at home in an effort to teach his parents about composting!” --- Emery D., Education Outside Teacher

Staff Trainings
Is your school staff role modeling proper behavior to your students? We will train staff on how to properly compost and recycle at school. Trainings are 10 minutes long and are held during regularly scheduled staff meetings.

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