San Francisco Department of the Environment

Presentations and Assemblies

We offer three environmental education presentations for your school or classroom.

Save our Bay! Classroom Presentation (Only for Grade 5 & 4/5 Combo)

This 60-minute presentation teaches 5th grade students about the Earth’s water supply, the water cycle, and how human activity can pollute or protect our water. Meets California State Standards.

“I have always enjoyed this presentation, and I try to get it every year. The props are wonderful tools for my students.” – Marcy J., 5th Grade Teacher

“That was the BEST presentation we’ve ever had!  It wasn’t boring at all!” – 5th grade students, Alvarado Elementary School

"Our Water" Assembly or Presentation

This 40-minute presentation is designed to teach students about San Francisco’s water resources and the importance of conservation and is based on the "Our Water" Curriculum.

“On behalf of my staff and our students I really want to thank you for coming out and doing that really engaging assembly! Very thought provoking and the teachers even did the “Wet Your Appetite” lesson plan and the “I Want it I Need It” materials I passed out! Great job and many thanks!”  – Aaron H., 3rd grade Teacher

"Stop Litter" Presentation

This 30-minute slide show assembly teaches about the problems with litter, the causes of litter, and what we can do to help stop litter. Two assemblies can be presented to reach the entire school. Grades K-12.

“Thanks for a great presentation. You did a wonderful job reaching all levels - from K to 8 - in an understandable and interesting way!”  — Megan E., 3rd Grade Teacher

For more information please call our School Education team at (415) 355-3742 or email [email protected].