San Francisco Environment Department

Virtual or In Person Presentations

We offer the following eco-literacy-focused virtual and in person presenations:

Save our Bay! (3-5, NGSS and Eco-literacy standards aligned)

This 40-minute presentation teaches 5th grade students about the Earth’s water supply, the water cycle, and how to keep our sea toxic free.

Our Water (Grades K-12, NGSS-standards aligned)

This 30-minute presentation provides students a comprehensive understanding of the San Francisco water system and the importance of water conservation as a way of life. Throughout the presentation, students travel through history with an exploration into how San Francisco’s regional water system became “One Water SF”. Students will understand the importance of the watershed to the interconnected ecology within the city including the biodiversity (plants, animals, and food) growing in our city.

Zero Waste Intro (Grades K-5, Eco-literacy standards aligned)

In this 30-minute presentation, students become their own 'geo-detectives' in this lesson, investigating to solve the mystery of landfill waste in San Francisco with the 4R's and the power of composting with the FBI (fungi, bacteria and invertebrates). As part of the program, students can explore Zero Waste at Home presentation with a hands-on, interactive lesson designed for students to explore the waste in their own homes and investigate as auditors how they can work to achieve zero waste with their loved ones at home.

Our Common Future: Creating a Zero Waste World for All (Grades 6-12, Eco-literacy standards aligned)

This 30-minute presentation engages students in the ways environmental racism creates injustices in local and global communities. Founded in environmental justice principles, Creating a Zero Waste World teaches concepts of planned obsolescence, fast fashion, and circular economy and empowers students to become part of the environmental movement through refuse, reuse, recycling, composting.

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