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Local plants and animals in San Francisco neighborhoods

Green Connections is a long-term planning project to improve 115 miles of San Francisco streets. The Green Connections Ecology Guides has neighborhood routes and recommendations for plants that promote target species and habitats. These green connection routes will be improved to better connect people to parks, open spaces and natural areas. 


San Francisco Green Connections Network map, SF Planning Department

View links to each ecology route and related resources below, or download the Green Connections Ecology Guides  (26 page PDF) for all routes across the city. 


Anise Swallowtail Butterfly
Route 6 - Mission to Peaks 
Other Species: Wild Aster, Yarrow, Holly Leaf Cherry/Islay Cherry, Cow Parsnip

Green Hairstreak Butterfly
Route 15 - West of Twin Peaks
Route Highlights: 15th Avenue Steps ParkHawk Hill Park
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Monarch Butterfly
Route 1 - Presidio to Bay 
Route Highlights: Fort Mason, Russian Hill Open Space, Telegraph Hill, Filbert Steps, Coit Tower
Other Species: Dune Goldenrod, California Thistle, Narrowleaf Milkweed, Wild Aster

Route 20 - Folsom, Mission Creek to McLaren
Other Species: Coast Buckwheat, California Sagebrush, Coyote Mint, Hooker’s Evening Primrose
Route Highlights: Bernal Heights Park, Precita Park, Garfield Park, Yerba Buena Gardens
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West Coast Painted Lady Butterfly
Route 16 - Marina Green to Dolores Park
Other Species: Wild Aster, Whitetip Clover, Checkerbloom

Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Route 18: Tenderloin to Potrero
Other Species: Holly Leaf Cherry/Islay Cherry, California Buckeye, Bigleaf Maple, Yellow Willow


Anna's Hummingbird
Route 3 - Market to Beach 
Other Species: Hummingbird Sage, California Fuchsia, Cleveland Sage, Red Flowering Currant
Neighborhoods: Outer Richmond, Western Addition, Tenderloin, Downtown, Yerba Buena
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Route 8 - Noe Valley to Central Waterfront

Other Species: Red Elderberry, Coyotebrush, Western Chokecherry, Coast Live Oak
Route Highlights: Diamond Heights, SF General Hospital, Potrero Hill Recreation Center, Warm Water Cove Park
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Cedar Waxwing
Route 4 – Page, Stanyan to Market
Other Species: Holly Leaf Cherry/Islay Cherry, Toyon, Red Elderberry, Twinberry Honeysuckle

Cliff Swallow
Route 17 - Excelsior
Other Species: California Brome, Western Service Berry, Coyotebrush
Route Highlights: Crosstown Trail, Cayuga and Lamartine Mini Park, Balboa High School, Cayuga Playground

Nuttall's White-Crowned Sparrow
Route 22 - Ridge Trail
Other Species: California Blackberry, Coyotebrush, Sticky Monkeyflower
Route Highlights: Ridge Trail, Lake Merced, Stern Grove, Edgehill Mountain, Twin Peaks, Buena Vista Park, the Panhandle, Angelo J Rossi Playground, the Presidio
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Pygmy Nuthatch
Route 2 – China Beach to Bay
Other Species: Shore Pine, Redwood, Bishop Pine, Douglas Fir
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Red-Winged Blackbird
Route 10 - Yosemite Creek
Other Species: California Oatgrass, Arroyo Willow, Bush Sunflower, Southern Cattail, Broadleaf Cattail
Route Highlights: McLaren Park, Martin Luther King Junior Pool, Candlestick Point State Recreation Area
Ecosystems: Salt Water WetlandsFresh Water Wetlands

Western Gull
Route 19 – Downtown to Mission Bay: Western Gull
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Western Snowy Plover & Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse
Route 24 - Shoreline
Other Species: Coast Strawberry, Mock Heather, Saltgrass, Alkali-heath
Route Highlights: Candlestick Point Recreation Area, India Basin Shoreline Park, Heron's Head Park
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Black Tailed Jackrabbit
Route 21 - Bay View to Bay Trail
Other Species: Cobweb Thistle, Deer Weed, Coyotebrush

Route 23 - Crosstown Trail
Other Species: Blue Wild-Rye, California Blackberry, Toyon, Coyotebrush
Route Highlights: Islais Creek Park, Bayview Opera House, Bayview Playground, Martin Luther King Pool, Bay Trail
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Western Fence Lizard
Route 12 – Lake Merced to Candlestick
Other Species: Coyote Mint, Hooker’s Evening Primrose, Coyotebrush, California Wild Grape


American Dune Grass
Route 13 - Lincoln Park to Zoo
Other Species: Coast Buckwheat, Dune Tansy, Mock Heather  

Coast Buckwheat
Route 14 - Presidio to Park Merced
Other Species: Coast Buckwheat, Seaside Daisy, Wild Cucumber/Manroot, Broadleaf Stonecrop

Coastal Dune Scrub
Route 9 - Vicente, 20th to Beach
Other Species: Lizardtail, Mock Heather, Pacific Dune Sedge, Coffeeberry

Coastal Prairie
Route 7 - Ortega, 14th to Beach
Other Species: Idaho Fescue, Purple Needlegrass

Coyote Brush
Route 5 - Kirkham, Sutro to Beach

Other Species: Coast Buckwheat, Coast Strawberry, Dune Tansy
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Coast Live Oak/California Buckeye
Route 11 – Ingleside
Other Species: Western Scrub Jay; California Dogwood, California Wild Grape, Mountain Lilac, Twinberry Honeysuckle
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