San Francisco Department of the Environment

Green Jobs

The green economy is thriving in San Francisco, and SF Environment is forging the path to a more economically viable, socially just, sustainable city through our environmental policies and programs.


Environment Now: Green Careers
Environment Now is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural grassroots outreach team that engages residents, businesses and the public in SF Environment’s community initiatives. Staff gain valuable environmental work experience in the public sector by conducting a variety of educational outreach campaigns throughout San Francisco. 

Growing San Francisco's Green Economy
SF Environment is expanding the green economy and promoting green jobs through our environmental policies and programs.

Green Job Resources
San Francisco is one of the greenest cities in America, making it a great place to get your start in the environmental field. Below are resources such as training programs, curriculum, and job listings that can help you get started on your green career path.

Driving Demand in the Green Economy
SF Environment's programs and policies drive demand in the green marketplace. See how we're helping the green economy grow.

Reports and Research
The green economy is growing, and many businesses, researchers, and government agencies have been tracking that growth. These reports help to quantify where the green economy has been and where it may be heading in the next several years.


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