San Francisco Environment Department

San Francisco Environment Department’s Healthy Homes Presentations

Are you a health-focused, equity-driven, and or a community-based organization? Are you a housing organization that empowers residents and people to take control of their health? If so, please take advantage of SFE’s Healthy Homes presentations.

The San Francisco Environment Department offers free, multilingual presentations teaching the public ways to reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals in the home. As we spend large amounts of time in our homes, it is especially important we ensure a healthy environment so we can live healthy lives.

Currently, SFE offers two Healthy Homes presentations.

To watch the presentations in English, Spanish, and Cantonese, visit SFE’s YouTube channel.

If your organization or multi-family building is interested in receiving a Healthy Homes presentation, please fill out the form below. These presentations are a great fit for any health-conscious, equity-driven, and or community-empowering organizations, among others.

Note: Due to limited resources, if a projected number of attendees is less than five people, unfortunately, we will not be able to deliver a presentation.

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