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Home Energy Incentives with Energy Upgrade California

Get up to $5,800 for home energy upgrades. Take a step towards upgrading the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of your home today.

Step 1: Connect with an Energy Advisor

Connect with an Energy Advisor by calling (866) 878-6008 to discuss your project needs and to find out how much money, energy and green house gas emissions your home could save with an energy upgrade.

Step 2: Find a Contractor

Select a participating contractor and schedule a home assessment. Contractors are specially trained, screened and approved by Energy Upgrade CA in San Francisco.

Step 3: Home Assessment

The contractor will come out to your home and will perform a series of tests.

Step 4: Home Report

The contractor will provide a report that shows how your home performs and includes a set of recommended improvements to save you energy and get you the most incentive money. 

Step 5: Work Agreement and Upgrade

If you choose to move forward with an upgrade, you'll sign with a contractor. Then work will be performed on your house, and final safety and energy tests will be performed to ensure you are saving the estimated amount of energy.

*** Please note that rebates do not apply to projects that are already underway or completed *** 

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