SF Gets $1 Mil for Electric Vehicle Program

SF Gets $1 Mil for Electric Vehicle Program

(October 23, 2009)

San Francisco will receive $1 million for the city's electric vehicle program as part of the energy funding bill passed by Congress this week.

"We are committed to making San Francisco and the Bay Area the most successful electric vehicle market in the country," said Mayor Newsom. "These funds will help us put the infrastructure in place to be ready for the plug-in cars that auto companies will soon be offering."

Earlier this year, San Francisco installed three electric vehicle chargers in front of City Hall as a public demonstration of plug-in vehicle technologies. The demonstration chargers are used by City Carshare, Zipcar and one of the city fleet's plug-in hybrid cars.

The new federal funds will help San Francisco rollout charge stations at public spots throughout the city, and also support the city's programs to make it easy for residents to recharge their plug-in cars at home overnight.

"More than half of the greenhouse gases produced in San Francisco and the Bay Area come from transportation. Replacing gasoline vehicles with EVs is an important part of our climate protection efforts," said Mayor Newsom. "We are grateful to Senator Boxer and Speaker Pelosi for their work in obtaining this federal appropriation to help our electric vehicle programs," he said.

Beginning with Nissan's battery powered Leaf that is expected to be offered for sale late next year, and followed soon after that by GM's Volt, car buyers will have increasing numbers of plug-in cars to choose from. Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Chrysler and others have plans to market battery electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids in the next several years.

San Francisco is working with other cities and stakeholders to make the Bay Area a premier market for these plug-in vehicles as soon as they become available. Called the Bay Area EV Corridor program, this unique regional effort is developing coordinated programs and consistent EV policies throughout the nine county region. It began last November when San Francisco Mayor Newsom, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums pledged a regional initiative to make the Bay Area the EV capital of the country.