Get Comfortable with Energy Savings

Energy Improvements for single family homeowners

As a single family homeowner in San Francisco you can get up to $5,000 in rebates to increase your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality with a home energy upgrade.

Making home energy improvements will help:

  • Make your home more comfortable
  • Increase your indoor air quality
  • Save you money on utility bills
  • Increase the resale value of your home

First, find out if this program is a good fit for you by taking a quick online assessment. If it looks like it’s a good fit, connect with a participating contractor for a home assessment. They will recommend customized and cost effective measures that will make your home as energy-efficient as possible. These measures can include:

  • Adding insulation
  • Air sealing around windows, walls and crawl spaces (filling in hidden gaps and cracks)
  • Upgrading or installing high efficiency heating and cooling systems
  • Upgrading water heater or boiler

Your contractor will ensure you get the most out of your home energy upgrades and that you receive the highest possible rebates. They will also take care of the rebate paperwork!

To get started and find out if this program can work for you, just click here!