Green Your Ride This Season

Green Your Ride This Season - Sustainable Transportation Options

Beat the holiday rush – on transit or bike!

‘Tis the season of getting around town. But you don’t need a car or sleigh to get where you need to go! Before you head out, consider taking public transportation, walking, or riding your bike. Why sit in traffic and worry about parking when you can get to your destination quickly and conveniently on public transit or biking? You can then treat yourself with the money and time saved from not driving and parking.

Whether you are heading to your office holiday party, running errands, or traveling to see friends and family, here are some great resources to help you on your merry way this holiday season.

Plan Your Trips  offers real-time transit departures and can help you plan a local or regional trip. To grandmother’s house, we go!

Buy a Transit Card

Heading to Union Square or San Francisco International Airport? Clipper card is all you need. An all-in-one reloadable transit fare card, Clipper is accepted on all major Bay Area transit systems. 

Share a Ride

It’s the season of giving and sharing.  Why own when you can borrow and save? Plus, then you’ll have more time to enjoy your extra cash and newfound freedom.  San Francisco is leading the way with a number of new peer-to-peer and mode share transportation start-ups. Find out how – and where – you can start sharing today.

Bike and Benefit

Do you bike in San Francisco? Gift yourself a membership to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and you can receive a special discount at over 65 local retailers. Bike on over and support these businesses that are helping make San Francisco a better place to bike, work and play.

Try a New Mode

Start the new year on a whole new foot. Literally.  Consider walking, pedaling, or carsharing more in 2013. Did you know that walking to work gives you a 20% less chance of getting breast cancer, 30% less chance of getting heart disease, 50% less chance of diabetes, and can help you live longer and healthier into old age? Learn more about sustainable transportation options for San Francisco commuters and businesses.

Need Help Getting There?

Get to where you need to be in a dash! Call 511 or visit for transit and bus schedule updates, transit line information, and ridesharing.