San Francisco Department of the Environment

Local Organizations Take on Zero Waste

Garden for the Environment will continue to offer free backyard composting and vermicomposting workshops

In May, SF Environment awarded over $800,000 to ten local organizations to help further San Francisco’s goal of achieving zero waste by the year 2020. From community composting workshops, to implementing composting and recycling at local events, to collecting textile clothing, these organizations exemplify the diverse strategies we can use to achieve zero waste. Cumulatively, these projects are expected to divert over 3,400 tons from the landfill over a two-year period. On top of that, the projects will create green jobs that will stimulate the economy and provide employment for San Francisco residents.

Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco
The Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco will increase their collection of recyclables and compostables by 33% at their ten locations in San Francisco annually. In addition, they will establish thorough composting and recycling education with their staff and Club members. Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco supports the most challenged and under-resourced neighborhoods in the city, serving over 17,000 youth annually. Their Clubs are located in the Excelsior, the Mission, Western Addition/Haight, Hunters Point, Treasure Island, the Tenderloin, and Visitation Valley.

Citizen Film and Green Streets
Citizen Film, a nonprofit production company,  will help Green Streets raise public awareness about their work, educate and engage residents in affordable housing about recycling and composting, engage property managers, and secure new contracts. Green Streets is a venture that employs 16 public housing residents in three San Francisco affordable housing communities. Green Streets diverts over 403 cubic yards per month, equivalent to over 80 tons annually from affordable housing properties and hopes to secure new contracts with other affordable housing sites to increase diversion of waste from SF’s landfill.

Garden for the Environment
Garden for the Environment will continue to offer free backyard composting and vermicomposting workshops for San Francisco residents, and conduct the Gardening Composting Educator Training. These workshops will help ensure that San Francisco residents will continue to divert organic material from landfill through backyard composting and use of Recology’s curbside composting system. This program will keep organic material out of the landfill and train the next generation of compost educators

Goodwill and SF Housing Foundation
Goodwill Industries and SF Housing Foundation will position up to 22 collection bins for textiles, including clothing and apparel in areas of San Francisco where charity donations sites are currently absent. Sites will include the Recreation and Parks Department, libraries, and other community facilities. Goodwill will sub-contract with the San Francisco Housing Foundation in order to place collection bins for textiles in the lobbies and garages of multi-tenant complexes.

San Francisco and Marin Food Bank
San Francisco and Marin Food Bank will expand its Local Fresh Grocery Rescue program to reduce the amount of edible food in the San Francisco compost stream and redirect that food to low-income residents in need of food assistance. This expansion of this program will happen through hiring one full-time Fresh Rescue Driver who will be focused on capturing food from deli counters and other quickly perishable items from grocery stores throughout San Francisco.

San Francisco City College
SF City College will purchase and place recycling/compost/landfill bins for one of their campuses.  The college will coordinate between the custodial and recycling department operations, ensuring that containers are properly serviced. With this grant City College will increase their diversion of waste from SF’s landfill and reduce the college’s overall trash bill

San Francisco Clean City Coalition
The San Francisco Clean City Coalition will continue to operate a wood furniture refurbishing and pallet repair program that diverts reusable materials from landfill. The San Francisco Clean City Coalition will capture broken and unbroken pallets destined for landfill, repair them if necessary, and sell them to Goodwill. This program will help continue a free standing green business and will fund green jobs. Staff will learn basic carpentry, furniture repair, and wood working skills.

San Francisco Community Recyclers
San Francisco Community Recyclers will continue to operate Building Resources, a reuse building materials retail yard and Red Shovel that will divert 3,447 tons of building materials and glass over a two year period. The grant will pay rent to  The Port for the space where Building Resource operates.

San Francisco Conservation Corps
San Francisco Conservation Corps will provide greening services for events in San Francisco to increase awareness of recycling and composting practices among attendees, producers and Corps members. These services will include consulting with event producers to establish a successful recycling and composting plan, conduct the recycling and composting on the day of the event, and track diversion rates for the events where they provide services. This program diverts a significant amount of event waste from the city’s landfill stream, and hires and provides job training and education for low-income San Francisco youth.

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
UCSF will implement a study to consolidate and sort waste generated on campus in order to reduce overall tons of trash being sent to the landfill. The project, which will focus on the Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses, will help the University lower its overall refuse (trash, compost, recycling) bills. Once the study has proved to increase diversion and lower overall refuse bills, the project will be institutionalized into the University’s overall operations budget. In addition, the project will include an educational component to spread awareness about recycling and composting to staff and the student body.

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