Record Number of San Francisco Commuters Enrolled in Emergency Ride Home Program

Many commuters worry about being able to get home quickly for any number of personal emergencies. Thanks to the Emergency Ride Home program, those concerns no longer stand in the way of a more sustainable commute! If you share a ride, take transit, bike, or walk to work, you can participate in the city’s no-cost program which provides a free ride home in case of an emergency.

According to a recent report done by SF Environment’s CommuteSmart team, participation in the program is at an all-time high. In total, 478 San Francisco employers are signed up for Emergency Ride Home, engaging over 90,000 employees with the program. This is the highest participation rate since the program’s inception in 2005. This increased  participation demonstrates how Emergency Ride Home is bolstering commuters’ confidence in sustainable transportation choices.

Click here for the full report. 

Take advantage of Emergency Ride Home!   
If your employer is registered for the program, you are eligible.  Whenever you have an unexpected emergency, SF Environment will reimburse your ride! Refer to the program rules for more details.

Step 1
Share a ride, take transit, bike or walk to work.

Step 2
If an unexpected emergency arises, take a taxi, rental car or transit ride home.

Step 3
Complete the online Reimbursement Request and Ride Questionnaire, then mail original receipts with the Supervisor Approval Form to SF Environment.

Step 4
SF Environment reimburses you for your ride, if it adheres to all program rules.

More Information
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