San Francisco Hotels Go Green

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Are you expecting out-of-town guests this summer? Consider recommending a hotel that has been certified under the San Francisco Green Business program. These hotels green their practices in a variety of ways, promoting both environmental and human health.

San Francisco has five hotels that are recognized under the San Francisco Green Business program. Each hotel uses low-toxic cleaning products, follows stringent recycling and composting practices, conserves water, and uses energy efficient lighting. Some of these hotels even work with local charitable organizations to donate used bedding, furniture, electronics, and unused amenities to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill.

Greening a hotel can be very beneficial for a hotel’s bottom line, and utility bill savings can help pay for the cost of green improvements. Owners aren’t the only ones who benefit; guests enjoy staying in a hotel that uses less toxic products and allows them to reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to the green economy.

The San Francisco Hotel Council Aims to Increase Green Hotels

In June, the San Francisco Hotel Council, in conjunction with San Francisco Green Business Program and Recology hosted a Green Business Forum to increase the number of recognized Green hotels in San Francisco. The forum worked to foster community partnerships between the San Francisco Green Business Program, hotels, and local nonprofits for hotels to green their operations and get connected to free city services and resources.

Take Action!

Reward hotels that are recognized Green Businesses by recommending one next time you have out of town guests. Explore green hotels in the San Francisco Green Business directory.

If you are a San Francisco hotel owner, learn how you can get your hotel certified under the San Francisco Green Business program.