San Francisco Environment Department

San Francisco’s 2020 Communitywide Greenhouse Gas Inventory Results

In 2020, San Francisco’s sector-based communitywide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions totaled approximately 4.1 million mtCO2e. This is 48% below emissions levels in 1990 (the city’s baseline year). In other terms, per capita emissions were less than half per person as seen in 1990. These reductions have come despite a 21% increase in population over the same period.

Moving forward, SF Environment staff will begin conducting the communitywide GHG emissions inventory biannually instead of every year, with 2022 slated as the next inventory year (results will be released in Spring of 2024). This shift will free up staff capacity to support increased implementation of the 2021 Climate Action Plan.

For an overview of the inventory results, including a deeper dive into individual sector emissions and a review of COVID-19 impacts, you can read the  At-A-Glance Report, or view a visualization of the results on the Carbon Footprint Dashboard. Data from the 2020 and prior inventories can also be viewed and downloaded from DataSF


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