Saving Energy – Saving the Planet

Energy is the single largest controllable operating cost in commercial facilities. The Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance empowers owners, managers, operators, and occupants with the essential information to make smart decisions about energy use.

For existing nonresidential buildings 10,000 square feet and larger, the ordinance has two requirements: (1) Benchmark the building’s energy use each year, enabling you to compare your building with similar facilities and to track progress. (2) Have an energy audit every five years, which identifies specific cost-effective opportunities to save energy.

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Has your building complied? You can look up whether your building met the 2011 energy benchmark reporting requirement at In 2012, the deadline for buildings >25,000 square feet was April 1. In May the map will change to display 2012 compliance, and notices of violation will be issued where appropriate.