SF Energy Watch Increased LED Lamp and Refrigeration Incentives

Generous incentives to help your bottom line 

Lighting and refrigeration account for a hefty percentage of electricity expense, which translates into high energy bills. Whether is lighting retrofits or refrigeration improvements (or both), investing in energy efficiency upgrades can lower your energy bill and can generate savings for your business into the future.

Today, SF Energy Watch makes it easier for you to invest in energy efficiency through its increased incentive levels for LED lamps and refrigeration measures: 


  • LED lamps


  • ECM for Walk-In Evaporator Fan
  • ECM for Walk-In Evaporator Fan with Controller
  • Night Cover - Horizontal Refrigerator
  • ASH Controller on Walk-In Glass Doors
  • Door closer - Walk-in cooler
  • Door closer - Walk-in freezer
  • Strip Curtains - for Grocery Stores Only

Incentives are first-come first-served so get your applications today to reserve incentive funds at the increased levels. Contact SF Energy Watch at 415-355-3769 or at [email protected] to schedule an on-site assessment to identify your energy saving opportunities.