The Art of Energy Efficiency

Art galleries are switching to LED lighting because these lamps run cooler, are more energy efficient and environmental friendly, provide good color rending and directional lighting, and can reduce maintenance and energy costs. With energy costs steadily rising, participation in energy efficiency incentive programs has proven to be a wise investment for many art gallery owners in San Francisco.


After the no-cost energy assessment, SF Environment staff delivers technical advice and financial incentives to help galleries switch to long-lasting LED lighting through the SF Energy Watch program. San Francisco galleries receive start-to-finish technical assistance, recommendations for energy efficient equipment, assistance with contractor selection, reduced cost expert installation, and final quality control when the work is completed. 

SF Environment has intensified outreach efforts to encourage local art galleries to maximize their savings and reap the benefits, including:

  • Lower operating and energy costs
  • Upgrades at greatly reduced cost
  • Superior light quality to enhance artwork
  • Improved client experience
  • Enhanced temperature control
  • Technical support and streamlined process

After switching to more energy efficient lighting through the SF Energy Watch program, Todd Lejnieks, COO at Chloe Arts Gallery said:

"It kind of made us more attractive as a gallery to artists to know that they are being represented by a gallery that cares about the planet, energy savings, and where their art looks great.”

To schedule a free energy assessment, contact SF Energy Watch at 415-355-3769 or email at [email protected].  

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